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Care Professionals

Social Care Professional Research Participants

Over the last few months, we have been interviewing Social Care Professionals for this research project about:

  • How they support people with intellectual disabilities to make everyday decisions about their lives;
  • Their experience of working with the Mental Capacity Act 2005; and
  • Their experiences of supported decision-making.

We have now completed the open recruitment for this research project, exploring the connections between legal capacity and mental capacity. Our research has sought to explore a diversity of practice in supporting people with a range of intellectual disabilities (primarily people with learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries) to make everyday legally-relevant decisions. Legally relevant decisions include big and small everyday decisions like: where to live, whether to enter into a contracts (like employment, or buying and selling goods, services and property), who to have contact with, who to have relationships with and how to spend time.

This research has ethical approval from the University of Birmingham.

We will be publishing our initial findings from the project later in 2017. For more information about the project, please get in touch with Dr Ezgi Tascioglu by email on or by phone on 0121 414 4960. Alternatively you can fill in the Enquiry Form, and we will keep your details on file to be emailed when our project report is complete:

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