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Supported Will-Making Research Project

Following on from our finding in the Everyday Decisions research that people often did not get the help they needed or wanted with making legal decisions about things like wills or making a lasting power of attorney, the Everyday Decisions research team are undertaking some follow up research exploring support for making a will.

We are looking for volunteers to take part in this interview research.

For more information, please look at our Take Part page, or Contact Us.

As we have previously reported, the Law Commission of England and Wales are currently undertaking a review of the law of wills. We are working closely with them, and the findings from this follow-on research will help to inform their views about the potential for a formal support scheme to help people with impairments that affect their mental capacity to make a will. We’re also interested in speaking to people with sensory disabilities that mean they would need extra support to make a will.

If you would like to take part in this important research, please do get in touch!

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